01. It has taken my family a long time to [adapt] to the cold of Alaska.
02. Animals that live in the desert have evolved wonderful systems of [adaptation] to this severe environment.
03. People in this generation need to be able to [adapt] to change quickly because of the dynamic nature of technological change in modern society.
04. The play was very successful, and was eventually [adapted] for the screen.
05. Henrik has been able to survive in this business simply because he is so [adaptable]; as things change, he changes with them.
06. Kenneth Branagh's screen [adaptations] of Shakespeare's plays have been incredibly successful.
07. You can't plug these headphones into your computer; you'll need to buy an [adaptor].
08. Culture has been described as the way humans solve problems of [adapting] to the environment and living together.
09. This rabbit is well-[adapted] to the Arctic, with its huge feet which keep it from sinking into the snow.
10. Someone once noted that happiness comes from the ability to [adapt] yourself to the situation you find yourself in.
11. A French geographer once said that man's first [adaptation] to the climate of Canada was to die.
12. It takes the human eyes an hour to [adapt] completely to seeing in the dark.
13. The majority of cars built in Brazil are [adapted] to use alcohol as fuel.
14. Humans can [adapt] to a wide range of conditions.
15. It can take a long time for Caribbean immigrants to [adapt] to the climate of this country.
16. A Chinese proverb notes that a wise man [adapts] himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it.
17. The diary of Anne Frank has been translated into 30 languages, and [adapted] as both a play, and a Hollywood film.
18. The human species is so well [adapted] to life on this planet that it now dominates all other species on Earth.
19. Studies show that some animal species are already moving from one habitat to another to [adapt] to warmer temperatures caused by global warming.
20. As it grew, the Western church absorbed and [adapted] all it could from the music of antiquity and the East.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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